Due to the covid 19 pandemic many artists have found themselves without work due to exhibitions and workshops being cancelled.


A collection of Parastoo's small original acrylic on board works will be available to purchase for £200 in support of the Artist Support Pledge set up by Matthew Burrows.

Once £1000 has been made from the sales of these art works, Parastoo pledges to purchase another artist's work for £200 under the #artistsupportpledge.

To make a pledge, post your work with the #artistsupportpledge and follow the # to see everyone else's work. Keep updated on new opportunities and announcements @artistsupportpledge Repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. Let generosity be infectious.

Available paintings below, please email parastooganjei@aol.com to buy.

Through My Window, unframed, acryllic on board, 9" x 9" £200

Blue Sky And White Roses, unframed, acryllic on board, 10" x 10" £200

Tomorrow Is A Better Day, unframed, acryllic on board, 12" x 14" SOLD

Spring Is Here, unframed, acryllic on board 9" x 9" SOLD


Roses In Glass, unframed, acryllic on board, 9" x 9" £200

End Of Day, unframed, acryllic on board

9" x 9" SOLD